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50 years of

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The Philadelphia Suns began in 1972 with a handful of youths playing basketball in Chinatown. Celebrating our 50 years in 2022, the Suns continue to play an instrumental role in meeting the needs of children in their formative years and into their young adult lives. Our mission is to promote, organize, and support athletic, cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities for anyone who wishes to participate. With over half of the 120 active members in our nine teams still in school, we are now nurturing our fifth generation of young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

We are proud to have grown into a national 501(c)3  non-profit, boasting an extensive and tight network of alums and supporters throughout Philadelphia and the Asian Basketball & Volleyball circuits. Historically, we’ve been early participants of the NACBAIT (North American Chinese Basketball Invitational Tournament) and NACIVT (North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament), among many other regional and local tournaments. The Suns have grown to offer a diverse array of programs beyond just basketball, including volleyball, dedication to community service, professional lion dancing, college visits, and more.

Since 1989, the Suns have been led by Harry Leong and, as always, powered by countless volunteers. We are excited to see that the Suns have multiplied over the decades – in the numbers of people, the expansion of our reach, and in programs, we put on. Entire families have grown up through the Suns. We continue empowering youth and young adults to transform their community through athletics, service, and social responsibility.

Our History


Philadelphia Suns organization seeks to build character in our members so that they would be positive influences in our team & community, as well as productive team players in their personal & professional lives.

We seek to foster community by encouraging spo
rtsmanship and volunteerism and instill leadership values among the various ages through team-wide events. Values we work to emphasize are hard work, teamwork, respect, self-control, and integrity.

Our Mission


Our Commitment

The Philadelphia Suns is a volunteer, non-profit organization funded through grants, fundraising events, and participant contributions. As a true volunteer organization, we run solely on the generosity of its member’s time & energy.  There are various levels of participation.  Most are involved in athletic programs while contributing to servicing the community.  Some help out behind the scenes and take on leadership roles.  Members proudly take ownership of their involvement with the Suns and its mission and actively give back.


Harry Leong


Joseph Lowe


Li Hao Jian

Vice President

Carol Wong


Thang Van


Stanley Eng


Ada Huang


Glenn Hing


Ngoc Tang


Robert Moy


Randy Eng


Board Members

Board Members
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