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Crystal Pang

Director of Outreach


Betsy Lee


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Ada Huang



Carol Wong



Ngoc Tang



Li Jian

Content Creator

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Sarah Rivera

Graphic Design / Coordinator

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Allen Cao

Event Coordinator

Meet the Team



The goal of the Outreach Team is to increase the involvement of members, volunteers, alumni, and local organizations.


We do this by:

  • Recruiting members and volunteers

  • Coordinate fundraisers, donations, and sponsorships

  • Developing and executing marketing strategies

  • Communicate between all platforms

  • Hosting organization's events

The Outreach Team consists of professionals and volunteers interested in marketing, communication, event planning, recruitment, and fundraising. The team meets every other week to discuss planning of upcoming events, initiatives, and strategic vision. Everyone on the team plays a key role in ensuring that the team meets its goal for the year.

Who we are


What we do

The Outreach Team is working on initiatives to connect with members, volunteers, alumni, and local organizations. We plan to do this through events and communication. The team is responsible for the planning and execution of organization events such as cleanups, banquets, fundraisers. The team is also responsible for the communication of the events and initiatives through channels such as the website blog, newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, and word of mouth.


We are planning the following events for 2022.

  • Spring Cleanup

  • Draft tournament

  • Alumni Happy Hour

  • Suns Picnic / BBQ

  • Fall Cleanup

  • 50th Anniversary Banquet

If you would like more information or have questions regarding The Philadelphia Suns Outreach Team, feel free to contact us at or fill out the contact form.

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