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Winter Update - Message from Harry

Hi Friends!

A warm Happy Lunar New Year to you! Here’s a quick update of where The Suns are heading into Spring.

We’re just about at the end of our heavy lion dance season with 27 performances over these past three weeks. The largest event was our Lunar New Year Parade (Feb. 6), where many alumni and friends joined the 150 currently active members on the Chinatown streets. Kung Fu Master Peter trained some of our youth in the last few months to prepare for the season.

Our basketball program has over 40 youth from ages 6-17, which started in September and continues through May. Coach Slice (6-11’s) and Coach Harry (12-17’s) have been drilling and preparing our kids to compete. We have some very supportive parents and a good group of kids who have helped to make the practices challenging and enjoyable. Thanks to our helpers Karwai, James, Jon Z, Timmy, and Alexis.

The Men’s basketball program is small, with 7 consistent participants led by Jon. They’ve already won one tournament and are looking ahead to bringing more “Chips” in the next few months.

The Lady Suns Volleyball program has transitioned with new leadership as they prepare for a new season. Ada, Annie, Sarah, Alexis and Farrah are organizing the Ladies this year. Thanks to the former leaders Ngoc and Sushi for all your efforts the past two years.

Our Youth Development Program, soon to be Leadership Development Program, led by Ada has organized monthly activities. The “refresh” of the program will come shortly.

Our Tech Team, led by Slice and a group of dedicated volunteers have updated our website and are constantly tinkering with improvements to our content, appearance, and other aspects of our main information source.

Looking ahead, we have the City-wide Spring Clean-up, Suns Draft Basketball Tournament - postponed from October, National Basketball Tournament in South Carolina, and the start of our Volleyball programs. I look forward to seeing you in person in the next few months. If you have any questions and want to know more about our programs or want to donate or volunteer, please let us know.

In community,


Harry Leong with Suns family at the Lunar New Year Parade - Picture by Carol Wong



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