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Volunteering Opportunity - Broad Street Run

We are looking for volunteers to help with the 2022 Broad Street Run. Volunteering for the Broad Street Run is just one of the many ways The Philadelphia Suns gives back to the community and help raise funds for our activities. Individuals must register themselves for The Philadelphia Suns to receive credit. Register now, as spots are limited. Must be 14 or older to register.

Volunteers will be responsible for setting up and filling their tables with cups of water. They will be prepared to hand cups to runners as they pass. When the last runner has passed, volunteers will then clean up discarded cups/trash and pack up supplies.

Instruction to register:

  1. Go to link -

  2. Look for the Water Stations link under Find Your Category.

  3. Check the box for Water Station - Master, and then select the Volunteer button.

  4. Enter your registration information and then select Continue.

  5. Check Yes for registered group and select Philadelphia Suns. Check I understand and select Continue.

  6. Verify information and select Confirm Volunteer Registration.

Philadelphia Suns volunteering at 2012 Broad Street Run



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