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Suns Photo Contest

Submit a photo and story for a chance to win a Suns Merchandise Swag Bag!

In preparation for the Suns 50th Anniversary celebration, we are gathering photos and stories of Suns events over the years: Nationals, Tournaments, Team Photos, Lion Dances, Cleanups, Picnics, Dinners, Casual Gatherings, or anything else Suns related!

Please include a caption, the story behind the picture, or why the picture was chosen along with each photo. When using a picture taken by someone else, please ask for permission and credit the photographer in the submission. Winners will have their stories shared as a part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Send your favorite picture moments and stories to

Example below:

2022 Lunar New Year Parade. Picture by Lauren Lowe.

"This is one of my favorite pictures because it captures the spirit of the people behind the lion and the parade. Our Lunar New Year parades have always been chaotic and tiring, but it is moments like these, that friends and family share together, that keep us coming back every year." - Slice



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