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Lunar New Year Parade

We will be having our main event, our Lunar New Year Parade tomorrow - Sunday 2/6/22. Our parade will start at 10th and Spring St at 11am. Please give our volunteers space to perform and stay behind the bamboo stick barriers. Parade route is provided below. We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and having a safe and exciting parade!

For our unwavering volunteers, we still meet at 10th and Spring St starting at 10:15am for preparations and coordination. Please dress warm with jackets, masks, and gloves. We will provide earplugs, masks, and water. We thank you for your time and energy. This is only possible with your help and support!

New Year Parade at the Chinatown Friendship Gate. Picture taken by Albert Lee @urphillypal
New Year Parade route. Subject to change.


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